Social me and Social Media

I have always been “Social” I was a Sea Cadet and member of the St John Ambulance when I was younger and took part in projects to visit the elderly. In my late teens I became a volunteer assistant youth leader and in my twenties a hospital radio DJ and patient visitor.

It wasn’t always legal as in my thirties I helped to run a local pirate radio station. I have supported many friends and colleagues to achieve goals and dreams. I am a supporter of everything Wigan I promote my home town at every opportunity especially the local hospice.

Social Media is a wonderful way of imparting knowledge, connecting with people and getting real messages across to stimulate debate which is my main reason for building an online presence. Whether you agree with my point of view or not I will always appreciate people taking the time to comment on what I have written.

The John Miles song Music has the line “Music was my first love and it will be my last ”Music has been with me on my life journey and is highly significant to me. I’ve been a DJ, MC, Music Journalist, festival,concert goer and regular music nut forever. You can listen to my radio show at Salford City Radio and previous Shows and mixes by me at Mixcloud


Virtually all my interests are covered in the pages of this blog and the surprising thing is that even though you may think they are diverse they all converge and have an effect on our lives. My main interests are Culture, The Arts, Poetry and Literature, Diversity, Health & Well being, Happiness, People & Relationships,. Music, Philosophy, Theology, Sociology and Physiology, Politics, Government, Democracy and Social Media and Technology. I am a huge supporter of young people as they are mostly wonderful and mostly get a bad press.

At one time or another I have been a member of CND, Greenpeace, No2ID, Liberty and I also support the Occupy movement. I take a daily interest in politics and join debates and campaigns. Check out my links page to connect to many of the above.

Finally I have a big mouth and an opinion on most subjects. Oh yes and on that subject here’s that ever useful rider “The statements and opinions here are my own and do not represent those of any organisations or groups I work with/for”.

If you wish to know more about me professionally check out my LinkedIn profile or send me a request to connect. You can also follow me on Twitter: @Thomas2BHughes

Live Life, Love, take up challenges, be interested and support others. Become your own inspiration and enthusiasm generator.

Tom Hughes – The Enthusiasm Generator


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