Poetry and Poems                                                           

I wrote poetry in my youth and in the late 80’s attended a creative writing course which I learned a lot from. But I broke the creative writing rules in a particular poem and refused to change it and failed the course which I had left by then. When you look at those who have been successful they have learned the rules and then bent or broken them which in many cases gained them their success for “being different” I felt the creative writing tutor was actually knocking the creativity out of me and I stopped writing poetry. I was also at the time writing for several music magazines so I did not miss the poetry. I gave up the music writing and in the 90’s and early 00’s I was into my career studying hard and climbing the greasy corporate ladder. It was after completing my MBA in 2004 that I started to read for pleasure again but it’s taken a long time for poetry to resurface in my life. I am so glad it has reading it and being around creative poets and events has made a difference to my wanting to be a part of it and also to write the occasional poem. I do not profess to be good at it and am always a little in awe of those who are. But I will write what I will write and people will like it, loathe it or be indifferent to it. Not a jot do I care it fills a need in me and makes me happy and I have listed a few poets who inspire me for one reason or another some you will know others are contemporary and you may not have heard of them but they are reet good but don’t take my word for it head over to their WebPages and check them out or better still attend an event and listen to them and maybe you’ll be inspired to. Good luck.

I will give a brief outline of why I wrote each poem and what it is about.

This is a poem about depression and it overtaking a person resulting in thier eventual suicide. It was inspired by the stench coming from a carpet shop I walked past one lunch time in April 2012.


I have seen you before
You followed me
You overtook me
You lead me

Down into this dark place

Light fading as the darkness grows
Colours fading as the darkness pervades
Sounds grow silent expunged by the darkness

Darkness is upon me

But I seek the light
With colours so bright
And sounds so vibrant

Once I had them all

Before you overtook me
Before you lead me
Into the darkness

Now that is all I know

Darkness before me
Darkness behind me
Darkness all around me
Darkness within me
Now all there is, is
Darkness for all eternity

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