Are You Happy ?

In the UK we have just altered the clocks and moved to British Summer Time (BST) and it’s light in the evenings when we are getting home from work. The dawn was just poking through the grey merk of the clouds as I set off on my usual early morning walk at 6.30am this morning.

Spring is here, well almost but the longer lighter days do put a spring into our step and make us feel happier. But are you happy or do you just think you are, it sounds like an alternative reality right?

You can check what makes most people happy and find out what happiness is and how happy you are at the Happy Planet Index.

We all need a minimum level of income to live but over and above that your accumulating stuff you don’t need. If your constantly looking out of your window and thinking you need a car like your neighbour or a new kitchen because a friend had one. Then take a look at the happiness index it might just help you focus on what really makes you happy.

If your not happy at work try and focus on the tasks you like and what they give you rather than the ones you don’t like. That way their will always be something enjoyable in your day.

Maybe this Easter you’ll have a clear out of all that stuff that no one has looked at in ages? At work maybe you could clear your inbox and feel under less pressure.  And just to get you in that happy mood here’s a couple of happy songs.

Pharrell Williams – Happy