Nurchering Curiosity and Creativity in the Young

One of the greatest gifts we can give to our children is that of curiosity. Curiosity of where things come from and how they are made and a sense of adventure fun and creativity to have a go. To make something themselves that works.

Remember when we were young? our dads, uncles and granddads fixed things, made things work again using whatever they had around and built stuff that worked. It was magic and they taught those skills to my generation.

If you thought that was all gone and skills were being lost in our throw away and buy a new one consumerist society you may need to think again.

I watched the Royal Institute Christmas Lecture series on BBC4  and it mesmerised and inspired me as much as it did when I sat and watched it with my Dad when I was a teenager. The audience of Kids, teenagers and adults were also fascinated as Professor Danielle George took us on a fascinating journey. The lectures entitled Sparks will fly: How to hack your home had it all from robots and musical instruments to hands on experiments and eager audience participation.

It was fun, interesting and educational most importantly it showed kids what you can do with every day objects. How you can quickly and easily make something simple that might generate enough electricity to power a light, phone or musical instrument. It empowered them to think creatively about items they may just throw in the bin.

Of course the recycle movement is gaining momentum with Freegle  and upcycling  if we can get significantly more young people to embrace these ideas they will be more confident and self sufficient in the future. They may even come up with ideas that help mankind spread ever more scare resources further. The world will be theirs and don’t we want to leave them and our grandchildren a useful legacy?

Their is one great thing you could do for your children before school and college starts again. Sit down and watch the Christmas lectures with them see if it stimulates discussion, creativity and a desire to make something. Maybe you’ll find their is more than a little Faraday in them.

Have a creative, fun and productive 2015.