Halloween Scary or Fun?

It’s that time of year again and no matter how scary real life can be we love scaring ourselves with spooky stories, movies and music. All hallows eve may be synonymous with lost souls, ghouls and all manner of gruesome creatures. But it also allows us to dress up and party and who doesn’t love a good party?

Halloween evolved from the ancient Celtic holiday of Samhain, the Celts used the day to mark the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter. They also believed that this transition between the seasons was a bridge to the world of the dead.  Over the centuries it has transitioned from a somber pagan ritual to be more about costumes, trick or treating and merriment.

Does Halloween scare you and fill you with a sense of dread and doom or does it fill you full of fun?

If you’re having a Halloween party make it a spooktacular event with my Halloween party mix 4 hours of non stop atmospheric music that will keep your Halloween party in the mood. I hope you enjoy it.

The music is interspersed with spooky music, narrative, sound effects and bits from movies – see if you can spot them.

Enjoy yourselves

You can listen to the Halloween party mix here

Have a spook y Halloween

Have a spooky fun filled Halloween




It’s sometimes good to be the odd one out – embrace it

This came home to me this week when I seem to be the only person I know who is not crowing over the movie Anchorman Two. Even the best bits in the TV promo’s are not funny to me I never saw Anchorman and I don’t want to see Anchorman Two.

People look at me with that expression “What, you don’t think Anchorman Two is the funniest move ever” As though I have two heads or am from another planet. I find it hard to believe intelligent people find it funny. But hey ho the world would be a dull place if we all liked or disliked the same thing.

The same is true of Januarys dryathalon in the UK something I DO NOT support. Before I get a plethora of abuse let me say this. My Mother, her sister and my grandmother all died of cancer.

My Mum’s sister was a teetotaller her mother drank once in a blue moon and my mum was a very light drinker. I support cancer charities and our local hospice and have taken part in many events to support them and will continue to do so in the future.

Good luck to all those who are carrying out the dryathalon I hope you succeed. However 20 pubs a day are closing in the UK and many of these are the hubs of communities and refuge of the lonely. They provide a place for people to exchange ideas and support each other, they also provide employment and the businesses and their employees pay tax.

I personally think in a recession a charity should not be trying to raise money for one group of people whilst putting the livelihood, housing, relationships and health of another group at risk. That is why I will not be joining the dryathalon or sponsoring anyone taking part.

So this week I have been made to feel like a pariah but I am happy with my choices and glad to not be part of the crowd. Have you been in a similar situation and how did it make you feel.  More importantly how did you deal with it?