Can The Life Aid Project Help Beat World Cancer Together with Music?

Cancer is one of those things that that most of us in our lifetimes will have close contact with. Either contracting it ourselves or through supporting a relative our friend who has the big C.

Survival rates and treatments are better than they have ever been, but it is still a major killer. Research and treatments need to continue for some years before cancer is finally beaten.

My Good friend Peter Cook has given up a lot of his time to start the Life Aid – Let’s Beat World Cancer Together With Music Project The aim to launch a project for Cancer Prevention and Treatment through a series of “Live Aid” styled Music Concerts all over the world.

Many people who have suffered from cancer will tell you that living as normal a life as possible and not being treated like an invalid is key to either recovery or living as full a life as possible. A part of that is also doing normal things with family and friends.

Music helps in bringing back happy memories and joy to the spirit so what better way to support cancer research and treatment than being involved in a musical extravaganza in your community with family and friends. Just attending and watching such an event can be an extremely powerful antidote.

Maybe you have skills that could help set a Live Aid style concert up in your area? If so read the information on the Life Aid – Let’s Beat World Cancer Together With Music Project website and contact Peter if you feel you can help. He already has many Musicians, technicians and others on board but your help will make all the difference.

Smile, enjoy life and support your community

Here’s a couple of songs from Heather Small that raise the spirits. First Proud from the 2012 Olympic Games. Made you feel proud to be British. Then Search for the Hero, there’s one in us all.


Beat World Cancer Website


Black Friday – will you be counting the cost?


Some of you will have got some great bargains but many of you will also be counting the cost of Black Friday. Yes there are bargains to be had but are there as many as in previous years or has Black Friday turned into a marketers dream?

The price of lots of items on super sale on Black Friday went down a while ago then they went up and now they have gone down and you are saving a pound on the previous price which had been inflated anyway. So you are actually paying more for it on Black Friday than if you had bought it in the summer.

Of course if you use the Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis’s maxim a bargain is only a bargain if it’s something you really needed and it’s gone down in price. Buying something you don’t need but want just because it’s cheaper on Black Friday is not a bargain unless you sell it for more than you bought it.

Remember that this Black Friday – Stay Calm and Stay in the Black.

UK Black Friday statistics 2014

Black Friday statistics per hour 2014 from the Daily Mirror.


What does Community mean to you?

This week is a good time to pose this question as in many areas Christmas lights are being switched on and many community events are being run to coincide with them.  As Christmas approaches parcels are collected to be sent to those less fortunate than ourselves. Video messages are collected to be sent out to troops who won’t be home for Christmas.

Hospices, schools and community organisations run Christmas fairs to raise awareness and much needed funds. We are asked to buy an extra toy or food for hampers and donate them for a good cause. Charitable, voluntary and community organisations also need volunteers to deliver it all and provide services. We are also asked to look in our elderly or sick neighbours to ensure they are alright.

Many of us will step up and do these things and we will have a sense of civic pride. We feel good that we have been community spirited and fortunate to be in a position to do so gaining a wonderful sense of well being.

The number of people doing “something” community spirited at this time of the year increases tenfold. If your one of those people why not try doing “something” no matter how small all year round? And have that wonderful sense of wellbeing all year round.

Santa Wave

Santa says have fun and look after one another

Happy Christmas to one and all and let’s make 2014 a year of laughter, joy and community spirit.

Here’s a little Christmas cheer for your ears with different versions of Christmas songs that should have you singing and dancing around your lounge or even with your community. Ho Ho Ho!