Weighty Confusion

It’s January 2nd and already inconsistency and confusion reigns, why I hear you ask as one. Well the Independent has a report on obesity the headline is “Recipe for a long life: overweight people have LOWER death risk. Carrying a few extra pounds ‘could protect the heart’.

I also watched the programme “50 shocking facts about your food” on channel 5 on New Year’s Day. This quite clearly gave the opposite view and one of its facts was about the starvation diet in which you reduce the amount of daily calories taken in to less than 1000 per day.

Is it any wonder that more of us brits are becoming obese when almost daily we are given opposing information? If we are confused by the plethora of inconsistent information on the second day of the year how many more of us will be obese come the end of 2013?

Is losing weight one of your New Year Resolutions?