How Sweet Are You?

I know you’re all lovely people but that’s not what I meant; I meant how sweet is  your tooth? I ask this because a bunch of scientists at the University of California have just published a study that confirms sugar addles your brain.

The study by Fernando Gomez-Pinilla published in the Journal of Physiology confirms that a diet high in fructose slows the brain. Fructose is in many foods at high levels in many cases much higher levels than either fat or salt. If you drink lots of sugary drinks and eat loads of foods high in fructose then you can expect a slowing down in your memory function and in learning new things.

The study confirms the findings of many previous studies but I like the way they conducted this one. They got ratty and a load of his mates to eat corn syrup which is six times sweeter than sugar cane.  They gave a load of other rats who could have been mates of ratty’s, but I can’t confirm that, the same corn syrup. But here’s the really clever bit they also gave them Omega 3 fatty acids which can protect the brain.

Guess what, at the end of the six week trial the rats who didn’t have the Omega 3 were slower and took longer to escape from a maze.

Fructose, the reason the human race is getting stupider or not?  Discuss.

Further Information on the study can be found at:


Reality and Celebrity TV Generation mix

Do programmes like strictly, dancing on Ice and I’m a celebrity get me out of here and the voice aid inter-generational understanding and interaction?

The more mature contestants on these shows have shown that just because you are heading towards getting a free bus pass it does not mean you are past it. It’s not just celebs who are fitter, healthier and willing to try new things many over 50’s are taking part in sports and activities that their parents’ generation at a similar age would not have.

This year many rock Icons turn 65 including David Bowie and the Black Sabbath reunion, album and tour caused a media frenzy when it was announced. There are ageing icons from all walks of life Helen Mirren and Richard Gere form the acting world, Alex Ferguson and Sharon Davis from sport. Authors Patricia Cornwell and John Grisham and from the world of science Stephen Hawking has been described as the first rock star of science.

Older men have always courted younger women and now we have the rise of the cougar and recent research found that around 65% of the under 35’s would date someone up to 30 years their senior if they were attractive an interesting. We also have many mentoring schemes where one group passes its expertise and knowledge to another and this is a two way street.

In the face of all this my question stands do prime time TV shows that show the over 50’s in a positive light aid intergenerational understanding and interaction?